Armcor launches XCM Compact Multiflow ERV range

Armcor Air Solutions has launched a new series of energy recovery ventilators (ERV) – the XCM Compact Multiflow range.

“As we pull out of COVID-19, the requirements for fresh air and mixing of air between occupied spaces are being re-evaluated,” says Armcor. “It is predicted that there will be a shift towards individual airflow and contaminant isolation of occupant areas, such as motel and accommodation precincts. Thus, the demand for multiple small-capacity equipment could rise.”

Armcor notes that although there are many options in the 100–1,000L/s capacity to suit residential and small commercial projects, these applications often have limited space for equipment.

“It is very common to get a unit onsite only to find that there is some unforeseen obstacle,” says Armcor.

In response, the R&D team at Armcor has redesigned the XCM range of ERVs, to bring to market what it calls not only the most versatile unit available but also a leading Australian-made product.

The XCM range was named after three key features and attributes.

Xchange refers to energy exchange, the heart of the unit. Compact signifies the low-profile height for horizontal or vertical installation, suited for ceiling or underfloor spaces. And Multiflow refers to the variety of duct connection options, available by interchanging the access panel and the duct connection panel.

“No shortcuts with quality,” says Armcor. “Every unit is built from solid galvanised steel, with internal insulation, and has inbuilt 50mm accessible filters for both fresh air and return air inlets. The four access panels allow easy servicing of filters and fans. The electrical connection box is designed for simplicity of on-site connection and collars for duct connection are supplied with the unit.

“A true game-changer for flexible installation options – installers will love the time saving and versatility of the new XCM Compact Multiflow range of ERV.”

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