Armcor offers energy recovery fresh air systems

Numerous studies have shown that increased outdoor ventilation rates improve our health and productivity while reducing the transmission of germs such as airborne virus and bacteria.

However, due to compliance issues, HVAC system designers face limitations increasing the rates, says Armcor Air Solutions.

“One study concluded that doubling the ventilation rates in buildings has the same effect as the flu vaccination,” the company says.

“Every time we double the outdoor ventilation rate, we reduce the concentration and therefore the transmission rate of all indoor contaminants by 40 to 50 per cent.

“But the cost of introducing fresh air has usually meant that we have designed HVAC systems with the minimum outdoor air to comply with the standards.”

The answer to this conundrum, Armcor says, lies in energy recovery.

“If the mandatory 10L/s per person of fresh air costs $30 per annum, doubling this will consequently become $60 per person. But if energy recovery was installed, it is possible to introduce 20 litres/sec per person for a cost of $18.00 per annum.”

Armcor Air Solutions is an Australian-owned and operated enterprise specialising in manufacturing energy recovery fresh air units.

Its range of products includes fresh air packaged units, dehumidification units, INDEC indirect evaporative cooling units, and multi-flow compact ceiling-mounted units.

“Without an energy recovery solution in place, air that is treated for temperature and humidity will simply leave a building,” says the Armcor website. “The work that has already been done to heat, cool, humidify or dehumidify the space will need to be repeated for the incoming fresh air multiple times per hour.

“Implementing an ERV (energy recovery ventilation) solution helps building owners meet ventilation code, lower operating costs, and improve indoor air quality.”

The company’s complete range of fresh air units are fully assembled in its Melbourne factory.

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