Beijer Ref releases Freddox 202 Expert controller

Beijer Ref has announced the release of its new Freddox 202 Expert Cold Room Controller. The multifunction controller can be used in medium- and low-temperature applications to control all the main components of a single-phase split refrigeration installation up to 1kW.

The controller comes with a range of useful features:

  • A large temperature display with control and setting keys
  • Seven LED indicators showing the status of the various system components
  • Its own differential circuit breaker accessible from the front under a transparent and lockable cover
  • Four single-phase voltage outputs for connection to the compressor, the evaporator and its electric defrost, and cold room lighting
  • Two configurable free voltage contact type auxiliary outputs to control condensing units already equipped with contactors and to provide a pump-down function
  • Four inputs for reporting an alarm signal: room temperature (NTC sensor supplied), defrost termination temperature (NTC probe supplied), and two configurable digital inputs
  • An energy saving function for connection to a TeleNET supervision system or network using MODBUS-RTU protocol.

The controller is available from Beijer Ref and Kirby branches.

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  1. Hi Jeffrey,

    Thanks for the question. We have been in touch with the Australian distributors of the product and were informed that the Freddox 202 Expert controller won’t work in the US due to the electrical infrastructure being 110VAC/60Hz, whereas Australia uses 240VAC/50Hz – which is what this controller is designed for.

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