Bitzer adds R515B to software

Bitzer has updated its namesake software to include the R515B refrigerant in its calculation.

With the Bitzer software, customers can calculate the performance data for most Bitzer products with diverse refrigerants and access technical information. Users can access the Bitzer software online or download it directly for use offline.

Compressors from the CSH series can now be used with R515B from software version 6.15.2. R515B is also already included in Bitzer’s Refrigerant Ruler app.

R515B is a non-toxic, non-flammable A1 alternative to R134a and R1234ze(E) with a low global warming potential (GWP). R515B was designed as a replacement for R134a for use in medium temperature applications, comfort air conditioning, heat pumps, process air conditioning and process heating.

With a GWP of 299, R515B has a global warming potential that is 80 per cent less than that of R134a. Traditionally used in screw compressor applications, R134a cannot be replaced by flammable, low-GWP refrigerants such as R1234ze(E) or R1234yf for many reasons.

Bitzer is an independent specialist for refrigeration and air conditioning technology, offering products and services for refrigeration, air conditioning and process cooling as well as transport.

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