Bitzer screw compressors for use in large heat pumps

Bitzer has expanded the application limits of its semi-hermetic CSH screw compressors for use in large, industrial heat pumps.

“Using electricity from renewable sources, electrically powered heat pumps now offer 100 per cent carbon-neutral operation,” says Bitzer. “Thanks to their expanded application limits, Bitzer CSH screw compressors can do it all in the extensive capacity range for process and district heating.”

Bitzer says the new units allow OEM system manufacturers to design industrial heat pumps with a water-leaving temperature of up to 85°C. The capacity range of the approved CSH screw compressors extends from approximately 250kW to around 1,000kW heating capacity at 35°C evaporation and 80°C condensing temperature in economiser operation with the refrigerant R1234ze(E).

According to Bitzer, with its expanded application limits, the CSH series can now be operated with the refrigerants R134a, R513A and R1234yf at an evaporation temperature of up to 30 °C and a condensing temperature of up to 80°C. With R1234ze(E) and R515B, it can reach an evaporation temperature of up to 40°C and a condensing temperature of up to 93°C.

Bitzer has developed the expanded application limits on the basis of laboratory measurements and series of tests with selected partner companies in recent years.

“The qualified selection of Bitzer CSH screw compressors provides heat pump manufacturers with the compressor technology necessary to develop and produce large-scale, high-performance commercial and industrial heat pumps,” says the company.

The new application limits are currently being integrated into Bitzer’s software.

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