‘Blue to green’ upgrade at 180 Queen Street, Brisbane

Oventrop and Masterflow Solutions have successfully supplied new potable domestic hot water products at 180 Queen Street, Brisbane.

The 1930 former National Australia Bank building managed by Cornerstone Property Services was heritage listed onto the Queensland Heritage Register in 1992. Today, 180 Queen is a seven-storey building, comprising street-level retail and six floors of commercial office suites.

Specified by the project design consultants Floth and engaged by Dewpoint Group as the base building HVAC refit contractor, Oventrop was chosen as part of the building’s mechanical services refit, to provide the replacement of the per-floor electric domestic hot water (DHW) tanks.

Each floor was fitted with a single Regudis W-HTE single-plate HIU, providing up to 21L/m of 43°C domestic warm water supply (WWS) via the plate heat exchanger (HEX), from the continuous 48°C primary base building heating hot water supply. The Regudis HEX provides a hydraulic separation of the floor’s WWS from the primary heating hot water supply, and ensures hygienic, just-in-time delivery of WWS.

Oventrop says 180 Queen Street is an example of the “blue to green” concept.

“In blue-to-green thinking, it’s not enough for the refit or new built product to be just sustainable,” says the company. “It must also return something to its surroundings, its community, and the people who use it.”

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