BlueScience UV-c air disinfection retrofit system

BlueScience is a UV air disinfection system from BlueDiamond Pumps. The retrofit system provides UV-c LED technology for all existing AC equipment to treat and protect the air by constant disinfection every time it passes through the unit.

Working through a process of germicidal irradiation, the UV-c light attacks the DNA/DNR of micro-organisms, killing 99.9 per cent of them and rendering bacteria and viruses harmless and unable to reproduce or spread, says BlueDiamond.

Unlike most UV-c products that are aimed at the ducted ventilation market, BlueScience is aimed specifically at fan coils and mini-splits.

According to BlueDiamond, the system can be installed inside an existing or new wall split unit, and the retrofit unit can convert any new or pre-installed mini-split or FCU into an air sanitiser.

When the air conditioning pulls air into the wall mounted unit, the air is pulled through and past the UV-c LED and AC filter system, irradiating the bacteria and viruses by destroying the DNA of these microscopic particles.

The standard model consists of the driver and 700mm UV-c LED strip. This model can be used on mini wall-split AC units up to 10kW.

For FCU units up to 23kW, users can opt for a Pro Kit with 30 UV-c LEDs in addition to the standard model.

The team behind BlueDiamond Pumps includes UK company Charles Austen, which has been involved in the medical and scientific fields for more than 80 years, even helping to develop an air pressure device for the historic Mount Everest expedition team of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay.

BlueScience is available in Australia exclusively via Pumpmates Australasia.

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