Carel issues white paper on heat pump market

A new white paper from controls specialist Carel examines the opportunities and challenges in the burgeoning heat pump market.

Carel notes that heat pumps have grown in popularity in recent years, especially as fossil fuel boilers are phased out. The white paper analyses the technologies and trends that have emerged, as well as the regulations and policies applied to the market in Europe and globally.

“The aim of the Heat Pumps – Technologies, Regulations and Trends white paper is to bring together, in one document, the essential information needed to understand one of the key technologies for decarbonisation,” says CAREL HVAC/R Technical Knowledge Specialist Miriam Solana.

“These systems can in fact provide high-efficiency heating and cooling using electricity, and therefore with virtually zero CO2 emissions when using renewable sources. Our intention with this document is to contribute to making available as much theoretical information as possible, and providing an overview of the technologies for optimising energy savings and creating systems with the lowest total CO2 emissions.”

According to Carel, it has been estimated that using heat pumps can reduce global CO2 emissions by at least 500 million tonnes by 2030 – the equivalent of all cars currently on the road in Europe. And that impact will grow as the share of renewables in the energy mix increases.

Carel notes that several recently-announced key policies, such as REPowerEU in the European Union, the Inflation Reduction Act in the US, and China’s 14th Five-Year Renewable Energy Plan, will further boost the deployment of electricity from renewable sources in the coming years.

The Heat Pumps – Technologies, Regulations and Trends white paper is available free of charge on the Carel website

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