Carel shares top sustainability tips at EuroShop

At the upcoming EuroShop trade fair in Dusseldorf, Germany, slated for February 26 to March 2, Carel will show how to improve the performance of refrigeration systems while reducing their carbon footprint through five main tools.

  • Natural refrigerants – According to Carel, water loop systems are cost-effective and sustainable, as the risk of leakages is drastically lower than in the traditional centralised approach, and the required refrigerant charge can be reduced by up to 80 per cent. The company will be promoting its condensing units for semi plug-in cabinets using CO2 in subcritical conditions, called HeosBox.
  • DC technology  – This involves continuous modulation of cooling capacity through synergy between electronic valves and variable speed compressors driven by DC inverters. Carel says that the synchronised action of these two elements not only optimises performance based on the actual load required, but also provides perfect knowledge of system operation.
  • Integrated solutions – According to Carel, sustainability is one of the key aspects in all the different stages of design and implementation of technologies. Carel’s t-Store is a combined proposal of solutions and services designed to simplify the synergy between the typically highest energy consuming areas, reducing operating costs not only of store refrigeration, but also of heating and air conditioning systems, lighting and energy metering.
  • Flexibility and adaptability – Carel says it can develop solutions in collaboration with the customer, offering all the necessary consultancy services. In the case of iJ, the family of parametric controllers for commercial refrigeration used in food service applications, software customisation and hardware configurability are essential aspects of the solution.
  • Connectivity – Carel says it creates solutions that feature a high level of connectivity, simplifying commissioning, monitoring and maintenance through specific software and dedicated apps. iJW electronic controllers, for example, can be fully configured via a smartphone app, as well as using a multilingual configuration wizard, for fast and intuitive installation.

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