Carrier launches XCT8 variable refrigerant flow

Carrier has launched a new variable refrigerant flow (VRF) into the Australian market called the XCT8.

This is Carrier Australia’s first product into the VRF product segment, incorporating decades of experience from the chiller and airside market. The XCT8 is designed to meet the diverse needs of offices, schools, hotels, restaurants, and other commercial and residential applications.

Sales Director at Carrier Australia, Damitha Sajeewa, M.AIRAH, says the company is thrilled to bring the XCT8 VRF solutions to the Australian market.

“With XCT8, we are confident in our ability to provide comfort and energy efficiency to businesses and homeowners across the country,” he says.

Carrier XCT8 offers a comprehensive suite of features that ensure superior performance, energy efficiency, and flexibility in design to provide comfort. The product is able to connect with a wide range of indoor units, offers approximately 3,000 combination patterns to suit the installation site’s requirements, and is customised to improve indoor air quality.

The full specifications are available to read here.

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