Seeley unveils upgraded Climate Wizard

Seeley International has announced upgrades to the Climate Wizard CW-H15 and CW-H15S Supercool evaporative cooling systems.

The air openings of the CW-H15’s filter cowling have been increased to improve air intake efficiency, and upgraded to improve rigidity and strength. The cowling now comes factory assembled to reduce installation requirements onsite.

The CW-H15 has also integrated the Schneider PLC and optional Schneider controller with temperature and humidity sensor, controlled locally on a 4-inch colour touchscreen display. The controller can also be configured to accept external high- and low-level BMS system inputs.

The only indirect evaporative cooling medium of its kind, the Australian-manufactured CW-H15 is designed to suit the country’s harsh climate. The unit is powder-coated, and uses marine-grade aluminium to enhance weatherproof and corrosion resistant attributes. The mechanical fasteners are made from either stainless steel or aluminium.

The Supercool range now delivers additional cooling capacity from a direct cooling stage that uses Black Magic Mini-Cell Chillcel pad technology. This increases the surface area of the pads by 25 per cent to dramatically multiply cooling capacity and efficiency, says Seeley.

“For businesses and commercial applications where it is critical to maintain precise temperature and strict humidity levels,” Seeley says, “the Climate Wizard Supercool series also provides a low operating cost solution.”

The CW-H15S, CW-H15S Plus and CW-80S models are all able to fine-tune moisture content to specifications for critical applications including data centres, medical centres, food processing and storage, hospitality, pharmaceutical, wineries and more.

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