Cloud-based connectivity for multiple devices

Intesis ST Cloud Control is a cloud-based solution from HMS that enables monitoring and control of any BACnet or Modbus device from an app and web-based dashboard.

Intesis ST Cloud Control uses HMS Hub for communication between connected devices.

The cloud interface utilises the industrial connectivity solution by HMS Networks, which has now been brought to the building management arena.

The platform allows users to integrate as many variables as needed and an unlimited number of devices, while providing control via an Android and iOS ready app.

Users can simply install the ST Cloud Control gateway in the desired location and use Intesis MAPS for PC-based configuration. Here, the desired widgets can be created – for example, booleans, operating modes, dimmers, analog values, error signals, etc. – after which they can be mapped with the BACnet objects or Modbus registers of choice.

After configuration, all widgets will appear automatically in the app and web interface via the HMS Hub Edge Connectivity BACnet IP/MSTP or Modbus TCP/RTU connectivity.

Up to 32 devices can be connected to each gateway with up to 12 widgets per device. You can create scenes and interact with multiple concurrent devices. A calendar will show the daily planned installation commands and send notifications to keep you updated about system status.

This product is distributed by Global M2M Pty Ltd, which specialises in communication and IoT solutions for smart buildings.

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