Condair launches condensing gas-fired humidifier

Humidity control and evaporative cooling specialist Condair is launching the Condair GS, a new condensing gas-fired humidifier that is BSI-certified for Type A gas installation in Australia.

According to Condair, the unit minimises energy consumption by transferring heat from exhaust flue gases into the incoming water supply, thereby reducing the need to heat the water tank. This feature also improves humidity control, as the water being introduced to the water tank is pre-heated and therefore doesn’t reduce the internal temperature so greatly or the steam output.

“Similar to the technology employed in domestic gas boilers, the introduction of condensing technology in gas-fired humidifiers results in lower temperature flue gases and allows the use of PVC flues,” says Condair. “This greatly simplifies and reduces the installation cost of the humidification system, as expensive insulated stainless steels flues are not necessary.

“Due to the lower cost of gas as an energy source, gas-fired humidifiers offer substantial savings when compared to more traditional electric steam humidifiers. Replacing an electric system with a gas-fired alternative can return on the investment within one to two years with savings thereafter.”

The Condair GS is available in outputs from 21–246kg/h from a single unit, with the smaller 21 and 41kg/h models being smaller, wall-mountable units. Condair says they are suitable replacements for electric steam humidifiers, as these are typically wall-mounted and of a similar output.

New touchscreen technology is incorporated into the unit’s control panel, offering what Condair describes as “intuitive control over operation and extensive reporting options”.

“All operating parameters can be seen at a glance with on-screen features offering the user further information on system diagnostics and detailed trouble-shooting suggestions,” says Condair

A USB connection allows performance data to be downloaded into Excel for advanced analysis as well as facilitating software updates. BMS connectivity is included as standard using Modbus, BACnet IP and BACnet MSTP (slave) with options for LonWorks and BTL-certified BACnet.

Condair Australia Managing Director Ian Eitzen says the Condair GS is an exciting addition to the company’s range.

“We are delighted to be adding the Condair GS to our product portfolio,” says Eitzen. “Condair prides itself on being the market leader in humidity control technology and we are constantly striving to deliver more and more efficient systems through investment in R&D. The condensing flue system, compact size and efficiency of the Condair GS are excellent examples of this.”

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