Corrosion protection

Thermal-XR is a water-based acrylic from Promek Technologies that is specially designed for coating HVAC condenser coils. The company says the carbon coating restores thermal efficiency in HVAC&R systems.

“Building owners and contractors no longer need to replace aging HVAC equipment,” says Promek. “Thermal-XR is a water-based high-quality acrylic specially designed for coating HVAC condenser coils.

Coat a condenser coil with Thermal-XR and maintain efficiency of coils after coating. All other corrosion protection coatings, the company says, result in thermal performance losses after coating.

“Thermal-XR is a proprietary aftermarket coating that can restore cooling and heating performance by up to 25 per cent. The coating gives equal or better corrosion protection than past technologies, and has the added benefit of being thermally conductive, safe to use and environmentally friendly.”

Thermal-XR spent five years in development by Australian company Ozkem. “By using Thermal-XR, a customer will benefit from a reduced carbon footprint and extended life of their equipment,” says Promek Technologies Technical Director, Tony Power, M.AIRAH. “This will directly reduce HVAC budgets.”

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