Daikin launches new air-cooled R32 scroll chillers

Daikin Australia has launched its third generation of air-cooled R32 scroll chillers.

The new series features an extended capacity range of up to 1,012kW and is available in two efficiency versions – according to Daikin with EER up to 3.368 and IPLV up to 5.165 – and three sound configurations. Daikin says the new chillers also extend the operation envelope and occupy a smaller footprint than previous models for maximum flexibility in operation.

“This latest iteration of Daikin’s R32 chillers is available in two variations: a cooling only model (EWAT) and a hydronic free cooling model (EWFT),” says the company. “Both have been optimised to deliver exceptional performance when operating in partial or full loads with many new features.

“The fan used in the latest generation incorporates an in-house design that increases the airflow and delivers a lower noise level while maintaining higher efficiency. A full metallic compressor enclosure with soundproof insulation protects the compressor while reducing sound by 4dB(A) down to 84dB(A) paired with fixed speed EC fan. Additionally, several new options are introduced such as rapid restart, integrated sequencing capability and performance monitoring that were previously only available on screw chillers.”

Depending on the capacity design, the chillers consist of up to two circuits, four compressors and eight fans per circuit paired with a brazed plate and microchannel heat exchanger.

“With chilled water temperatures up to 30°C, the latest chiller range is suitable for a wide range of applications, from large commercial buildings to industrial facilities and data centres,” says Daikin.

The chillers use R32 refrigerant, which Daikin notes has a 66 per cent lower global warming potential than R410A. The company also highlights the superior Life Cycle Climate Performance (LCCP) of R32 compared to other low-GWP alternatives such as R454B and R466A.

“Overall, the new range of air-cooled scroll chillers represents a significant improvement over the previous generation, offering superior performance and flexibility for various applications,” says Daikin.

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