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Daikin launches R32 chillers

Daikin has introduced a new generation of air-cooled scroll chillers with R32 refrigerant to the Australian market.

The new EWAT-B units offer a path away from R410A in the chiller market. In Australia, where the HFC phase-down is well under way, R32 has already become the de facto replacement for R410A in the split-system market – largely because of its lower GWP of 675 versus 2,088. In fact, Daikin was the first company internationally to introduce R32 in split system air conditioners in 2012. Now the company has positioned itself for a similar transition in the chiller market.

The EWAT-B chillers also feature free cooling migration. This enables building systems to switch from mechanical cooling and take advantage of prevailing outdoor temperatures to meet cooling demands for air or water naturally, significantly reducing power consumption.

The lower pressure drop of R32 allows this migration to free cooling without the need for other add-on devices, whereas other high-density refrigerants require mechanical pumping. Addition of glycol is not required, unlike standard water-free cooling technologies, where its use is mandatory.

The new refrigerant migration system is available in two varieties: Light and Full options.

The Light refrigerant migration system delivers up to 25 per cent of nominal cooling capacity. The Full option includes an additional flood evaporator per circuit that works in parallel to the standard heat exchanger, to improve the system’s performance. The cooling capacity of the Full system extends up to 75 per cent of the standard unit’s nominal cooling capacity.

Additional features include two efficiency versions (Silver and Gold), three sound configurations (Standard, Low, Reduced). Daikin also provides full customisation on project-specific requirements. An extensive list of options and accessories includes hydronic kit configurations (single and twin pump, inertial tank, VFD) and other solutions.

It is fully compatible with Daikin On Site, a cloud-based platform that offers advanced functionalities such as  remote monitoring, system optimisation and preventative maintenance.

The EWAT-B range is available for cooling only and heat recovery applications from 80kW to 700kW cooling capacity at nominal conditions.

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