Daikin releases AirHub Touch Zone Controller

Designed in Australia, Daikin’s AirHub Touch Zone Controller has been developed to give homeowners more flexible temperature control.

“With the typical home divided into separate areas or ‘zones’,” says Daikin, “it makes sense to only air condition zones that are occupied, and switch off unoccupied zones. When used in conjunction with a Daikin Premium Inverter Ducted or Inverter Ducted air conditioning system, AirHub’s innovative features give users the flexibility to deliver precise temperature control where it is needed.”

AirHub is available in two versions: On/Off Zone Control and Linear Zone Control. Wired or wireless remote temperature sensors are also available.

On/Off Zone Control allows users to control up to eight individual zones. With Airside Control technology, as zones are turned off, the indoor unit fan speed is automatically reduced to meet the airflow requirements of the remaining open zones, resulting in quieter operation and greater energy savings.

Linear Zone Control enables users to switch up to eight zones on or off, as well as set the zone temperature to ±2°C of the master set-point. According to Daikin, OptiZone Control technology automatically regulates the individual zone dampers to deliver precise airflow to meet the temperature settings and heat load of each zone. This results in the indoor fan and compressor in the outdoor unit adjusting their output to meet the required heat load, to improve comfort and energy savings.

For monitoring and optimisation of the ducted system’s energy consumption, AirHub offers a number of eco settings such as Setpoint Range Limit, Setpoint Auto Reset and Auto Off Timer. In addition, the Weekly Schedule Timer with individual zone timer allows users to program the system and individual zones on or off at set times of the week.

The design features a 7” colour resistive touchscreen interface housed in a matte white casing, which can be flush-mounted 11mm off the wall for what Daikin describes as “a clean, minimalistic look”.

AirHub can be accessed remotely using the Daikin Airbase App. Airbase actions include controlling zones, changing modes, and setting timers via smartphone or tablet with an internet connection.

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Note that Airside Control technology is not available on R410A (FDYQN) Inverter Ducted series, and OptiZone Control is only compatible with R32 Premium Inverter Ducted 71-160 Class and R32 Inverter Ducted 50-160 Class.

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