Daikin releases Madoka controller

Daikin has released its latest wired remote controller, Madoka.

“Designed with a focus on enhancing the user experience, the Madoka controller can be installed in any modern interior space including offices, hotel rooms, retail stores, healthcare environments and residential homes,” says Daikin.

“In residential applications, it makes scheduling simple and enables homeowners to activate extra energy-saving functions.

“For commercial use, it can respond to changing conditions by enabling fast and easy system configuration through the field settings mode. Additionally, outdoor unit model names, error history, unit status and operational hours can easily be read off the accompanying app to suit the service technicians work in the field.”

The Madoka app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play and allows users to configure advanced functions via Bluetooth. The app can control up to 10 controllers.

Madoka is connectable to all new and existing Daikin Sky Air and VRV systems, with the potential for multiple unit control. It’s available in gloss white or matte black finish.

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