Daikin releases new R32 units

Daikin has released the Super Multi NX with R32 refrigerant as an additional range alongside the current R410A Super Multi NX. The company is hailing it as the industry’s first R32 multi-split system.

“The new Super Multi NX (R32) can maintain comfort in up to five rooms and will be able to connect to Daikin’s Cora range of wall-mounted split systems, bulkhead units, compact cassette and a new mid static slim-line ducted unit,” says the company.

“The slim-line ducted units are made to take full advantage of current apartment building practices. At only 245mm height the indoor unit is ideal for low-profile ceiling voids.”

Other features include a new four-port 6.8kW system, improved low-load performance, a priority room mode that diverts capacity into a prioritised room, a super powerful mode that boosts airflow to high volume for 20 minutes or until the set temperature is reached, a new mid-static ducted series, and a redesigned wireless controller.


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