Digital electronic controller for walk-in coolers

The C450CCU controller is the newest member of PENN’s System 450 series of modular electronic controls. It is designed to manage the space temperature of small and medium capacity walk-in coolers/freezers and refrigerated display cases.

System 450 is a family of modular, digital electronic controls that provides temperature, pressure, and humidity control for a wide variety of applications, including HVAC&R, commercial and industrial process.

The C450CCU controller combines three functions temperature, defrost and fan control into one for an alternative device to electromechanical controls.

“Not only is it a hard-working product, it’s also extremely accurate,” says Global Product Manager for the PENN brand at Johnson Controls Keith Gifford, “with an average temperature variation of only 1°C. This means refrigeration equipment OEMs and contractors alike can install the controller with confidence knowing highly sensitive products like perishable food, medicine and chemicals will be stored in a reliable environment.”

Key features and benefits of the C450CCU controller include:

  • Space temperature control: It accepts up to three sensor inputs. Two of these inputs are temperature sensor inputs, one for sensing space temperature and the other for sensing evaporator temperature. The third is an input for pump-down control by sensing system suction pressure
  • Defrost control: The controller includes passive, off-cycle defrost, or active, electric heat defrost for maximum efficiency. Depending on the application, defrost cycles can be terminated based on time or evaporator temperature
  • Fan control: A built-in fan delay switch enables single or two-speed evaporator fan control
  • Pump-down control (optional): Applications in cold weather climates can take advantage of the optional pump-down control feature. This prevents liquid refrigerant from traveling to the compressor during start-up.

System 450 series power and expansion modules can be used in conjunction with the C450CCU controller to build a variety of custom commercial refrigeration control solutions. 

The C450CCU controller is available now through the Johnson Controls network of commercial refrigeration wholesalers and building solutions providers.

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