Disinfectant said to kill Legionella in less than 30 seconds

Jenfitch Inc. has announced the release of JC 9465, a new sodium oxychloride disinfectant that purportedly can kill Legionella in less than 30 seconds.

JC 9465 is a new formulation that generates a high concentration of hydroxyl radical ions that, according to the company, effectively oxidises the biofilm that supports and protects Legionella in the water system.

“Once the biofilm is removed,” says Jenfitch, “the oxidising energy of JC 9465 effectively destroys all gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms at the same rate as ozone.”

JC 9465 is approved by the EPA for use in cooling water systems heavily fouled with organic contaminants.

According to General Manager of Jenfitch, Charles Jennings, a study conducted by Special Pathogen Laboratory located in Pittsburgh, USA – a research facility in the field of Legionella control and management – found that JC 9465 was effective at achieving a 3-log reduction immediately and a 6-log reduction in less than 30 seconds.

The laboratory study, he said, found that by controlling the dosage of JC 9465 with an ORP meter (oxidation-reduction potential) and raising the oxidative energy above +680mV, it achieved a 6-log reduction of Legionella.

In studies conducted in hospitals and senior care facilities, JC 9465 is said to have eliminated contaminated sites in less than 4 hours. The remediation teams observed that using conventional programs generally took 4-7 days to decontaminate a facility. By using an ORP meter, they were able to isolate hotspots and treat them efficiently.

“Using an ORP range between +650mV and +750mV, water lines were clean and sterile,” says Jenfitch.

“With JC 9465, they were able to turn around a facility quickly. By using it as a maintenance treatment, they eliminated re-contamination.”

JC 9465 is NSF Std. 60 approved for use in potable water systems.

For more information, contact the Australian distributor.

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