Drillcut launches ‘game changing’ online platform

Leading HVAC, plumbing, electrical and building services equipment supplier Drillcut has launched a new online platform.

After two years of development and testing, Drillcut says it expects its new Drillcut 360 platform to play a major part in the turnaround of Australia’s multi-billion-dollar building services sector by targeting improvements in supply-chain efficiency, productivity, labour costs, and cash flow.

According to Drillcut CEO Tim Phillips, Drillcut 360 provides the “whole package” of tools for project management in one place.

Poor cash flow, ongoing supply chain issues, cost increases, and loss of productivity are a thing of the past with Drillcut 360, Phillips says.

“It is a game-changer because it puts the power back in the hands of the project manager to address each of these challenges. It gives contractors the ability to improve efficiency while maintaining complete control and accountability when ordering materials,” he says.

The new platform incorporates VOC reporting, tech data submittal packs, and order approval workflows. It also features product pages and the home of Drillcut 360 TV, covering the latest on compliance and best practice, as well as industry news, trends, developments and innovations.

According to the company, the biggest challenges facing today’s project managers include multiple deliveries, which cause constant onsite inefficiencies; cost of labour; theft and onsite loss; out-dated ordering processes; and poor job and workflow processes, including a lack of communication and trust between the project manager and foreman.

“Drillcut 360 is made to address these pain points by improving the efficiency of the job,” Phillips says.

“It responds to the need for a better, more efficient, and a more sustainable approach to the management and delivery of projects within the building services sector.”

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