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Dwyer releases electronic pressure controller

The Series EDA Electronic Pressure Controller from Dwyer Instruments is a compact package that can replace a separate gauge, two switches, and a transmitter in a system. The company says the product design saves money and installation time while conserving panel space.

Now available with 120-240 VAC capability (via-HV option), the Series EDA can be ordered for line voltage applications. With the “-HV” option, the EDA can be powered with 120-240 VAC eliminating the need for a step-down transformer and reducing the installation time, cost, and complexity in applications where only 120-240 VAC power is available.

Key benefits include:

  • Simplified ordering: the fully programmable EDA is capable of displaying multiple units of measure
  • Quick setup and diagnostics: the EDA has a test and fail-safe mode reducing the time and the amount of test equipment needed for setup and installation
  • Weatherproof: made for outdoor installation and applications
  • Versatile pump skid applications: the EDA can perform pump alternation for duplex pump applications.

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