Dwyer’s clamp-on meters

Dwyer Instruments has added two new clamp-on models to its metering range.

The Series UBT Clamp-On Ultrasonic Thermal Energy Meter is a clamp-on ultrasonic heat meter – an alternative to the traditional inline thermal energy meters. The series uses temperature sensors for energy measurement and ultrasonic waves with time differentials for flow measurement.

Featuring non-invasive energy measurement and a compact design, the device allows for easy installation – simply connect power and enter the pipe inside diameter, adjust the sensors and clamp the meter on the pipe.

The Series UFM2 Compact Ultrasonic Flowmeters are clamp-on, ultrasonic flowmeters. The UFM2 implements the transit-time difference to measure flow rates in pipes and can measure velocity and flow in pipes with outside diameters ranging from 3/4 to 7″ (25 to 180 mm). This model comes with a volume pulse and 4-20 mA flow rate output.

In addition to flow measurement for heat/cool metering, the Series UFM2 provides metering and monitoring in chilled water, potable water and process water.

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