EAF lifter offers improved safety and efficiency

EAF Industries has developed a new mobile material lifter for use in many industries, including construction and the HVAC industry. The EAF lifter is designed to improve safety and efficiency, and generate times and cost savings onsite.

The lift is self-contained and powered by rechargeable batteries. It operates using a hydraulic power pack and is controlled via Bluetooth by the operator using a hand-held controller. EAF Industries says this enables three-dimensional positioning of an item of equipment or material with precision and safety.

The lifter is mobile and has both hand and foot brakes and works using the scissor lift principal. EAF Industries says the lowered platform height of 0.8m allows for relatively easy loading, and the raised height, depending on model, is approximately 3m to 4.8m. All three models (standard, wide, and wide high) have a maximum load weight of 120kg. Platform size is 1,140mm x 800mm (standard), 1,140mm x 1,040mm (wide, and wide high models).

Lifting speed (fast or slow) is programmable through the onboard processor, and four buttons on the hand-held controller allow the operator to direct the item being installed in a north, south, east or west direction.

EAF Industries says it will deliver and collect the lifter at no extra cost (depending on location), and move from site to site if needed. EAF will also provide a brief demonstration of the lifter’s capabilities onsite or at the EAF plant in Chinderah, New South Wales.

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