ebm-papst develops sensor-based building standard

ebm-papst and its digital enterprise, neo, have developed RESET as an international standard for data quality used to quantify the health performance of real estate in real-time.

According to the company, RESET is the world’s first sensor-based building standard for commercial buildings and their interior spaces.

The standard monitors, communicates, and certifies the air quality in buildings. To achieve this, sensors in the fresh air supply and exhaust and in the inside spaces record various air quality parameters, including temperature, air humidity, carbon dioxide, fine dust (PM2.5) and TVOC (total volatile organic compounds), which refers to gases emitted by the materials present indoors.

To ensure the accuracy of the data recorded, RESET specifies strict requirements for the precision of the sensors and the type of data transmission.

The data is sent to the ebm-papst Building Connect platform via the Gateway connectivity module. This platform is where the data is processed and analysed. It can then be provided to the building operator and also be used to optimise the building control systems.

“The ebm-papst Building Connect platform therefore plays an active role in monitoring indoor air quality and regulating it in an energy-efficient way,” says ebm-papst.

“Algorithms learn from user behaviour, building characteristics and environmental conditions, and, with the help of energy-saving fans, help to create an optimised indoor eco-system.”

ebm-papst says the sensor-based monitoring principle applies to its RESET-certified fan. The fan supplies data such as speed, vibration, noise, air speed, power consumption, and at the same time, the air quality parameters.

RESET will soon offer an index that can indicate the risk of infection in a room. To do this, it uses air parameters such as the CO2 concentration as well as the actual particle load.

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