EcoDuct wins best practice status

In response to growth in the use of low-profile PVC ductwork, the Vinyl Council of Australia has added the product as a new category to its Best Environmental Practice (BEP) PVC Product Register. And the first product to score the BEP trade mark is the EcoDuct 300 Series.

The mark is awarded to independently assessed, Best Practice PVC-compliant products that meet stringent life-cycle criteria, developed by the Green Building Council of Australia.

“Incorporating up to 50 per cent recycled PVC, the newly accredited EcoDuct is a low-impact, fire-retardant duct system that is specifically designed for high-rise apartment applications where limited ceiling spaces are common,” says the Vinyl Council of Australia. “It is also 100 per cent recyclable at end of life.”

The register covers a wide range of BEP-accredited PVC construction products including flooring, resilient wall coverings, pipes and fittings, conduit/fittings, fencing, cable and permanent formwork.

“In addition to being recognised in Green Star’s Responsible Building Materials credit, Best Practice PVC is a valuable aid for specifiers and anyone procuring PVC products,” says the Council’s chief executive Sophi MacMillan. “The online register makes it simple to identify those items made to the highest sustainable standards.”


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