EcoHVAC offers new upper air UVGI systems

Australian equipment supplier EcoHVAC is offering a series of upper air UVGI systems recently released by American Ultraviolet.

“Whether you call it Upper Air UVGI or Upper Room GUV, this is the very concept we started with, back 60-plus years ago, when approached about building fixtures to use in rooms, with the potential for person-to-person airborne transmission of infectious pathogens,” says EcoHVAC.

“With a renewed demand for these systems over the past few years, the aesthetic requirements for many applications, combined with larger shared spaces has led American Ultraviolet to update its Upper Room GUV offerings to fit this need.”

The STBF-24 model is designed for high bay applications where a minimum mounting height of 3.8m is possible, such as airport concourses, gymnasiums and conference centres. It has eye bolts at the four corners of the fixture, allowing it to be suspended from a high ceiling in a variety of ways.

The STBF-12 model is designed for applications such as classrooms, offices and conference rooms. It has a single mount point, allowing it to be installed as a single unit or an array of units to cover larger spaces, and is designed to mount to a standard ceiling electrical box, like a typical ceiling fan or pendant-style light fixture.

Both systems uses UV-C lamps and reflectors and a fan and louvered exterior to provide UV-C intensity into the upper air of a room while confining the UV-C energy to the unoccupied space above the floor. They have been designed to match modern aesthetics and at the same time offer maximal coverage.

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