Eurothermal announces new chiller series

Eurothermal has announced the Blue Box Omicron range, a new high-efficiency four-pipe modular multi-functional chiller.

With a cooling and heating capacity from 100 to 900kW, the Omicron range has been designed to provide cooling and heating simultaneously, with claimed efficiency at full-load COP greater than 3.1, and a combined cool and hot total efficiency ratio more than 7.6.

“Nowadays, with construction techniques and increased thermal insulation, more and more commercial buildings require simultaneous cooling and heating during mid-season and winter,” says Eurothermal.

“Multi-purpose units are designed for all applications where there may be a simultaneous and independent demand for hot and cold water. Multi-functional units allow users to obtain better building ratings, compared to alternative traditional systems.”

Operational limits are said to be very efficient in heating mode; leaving water temperature is up to 55°C. Omicron can operate down to -15°C, granting heating output without interruptions.

The series also features a Smart Anti-Ice Circuit, to avoid ice forming on the bottom part of exchanger. This function is activated according to air temperature. Fully independent modular coils sections for each refrigerant circuit and separate fan sections allow independent defrost cycles as required.

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