Fantech launches AirLink VAV system

Fantech has introduced the AirLink Integrated Variable Air Volume (VAV) system, based on electronic VAV diffusers working with an even-pressure duct design.

The system removes the need for airflow hood measurements as all air balancing is performed by the optional airflow sensor built into each diffuser, and the centrally located Rickard software or building management system (BMS).

“The Rickard airflow sensor uses a sensitive airflow cross meter at the neck of the diffuser and a highly accurate pressure sensor to measure total pressure,” says Fantech’s Peter Henry. “The Rickard control system uses the total pressure, VAV position and known neck diameter to calculate the airflow being delivered. This method is very stable over varying temperatures and is further supported by Rickard’s software that factors in the building’s altitude. The system is equal in accuracy to a traditional measuring hood.”

Using the system, a technician can balance the VAV system by keying in the required airflows, which programs the diffusers to operate at the required specifications. The BMS can use this technology to monitor airflows in each room and allow remote maintenance.


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