Fantech upgrades Gorilla range

After launching the Gorilla X HVLS fan range last year, Fantech has introduced a number of upgrades to meet the demands of most applications.

“Designed to save energy costs, improve comfort and increase productivity, the Gorilla X range of HVLS fans generate a gentle, slow-moving airstream that covers a large area,” Fantech says. “This makes them ideal for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, showrooms, shopping centres, sports facilities and even agricultural applications such as milking sheds.

“Gorilla X fans provide a natural evaporative cooling effect in summer, and eliminate hot, stagnant air that builds-up within the occupied zone at floor level. In winter, warm air naturally rises to the highest point of an enclosed area, leaving cooler air to reside at floor level.”

A new 7m fan is now available, providing a 35m maximum area of influence and a maximum airflow of 236,795m3/h.

A motor size is now also available for the existing 4 and 6m size fans, capable of higher rotation speeds to provide greater airflow and additional thrust.

“These new developments ensure we have the range, performance and features the market is demanding,” says Fantech Group marketing manager Frank Cosentino. “Our commitment to the ongoing development of Gorilla X HVLS fans will help us grow the range further and drive smarter, more innovative features.”

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