Flame-proof industrial switch and gauge

The Dwyer Series AT-3000MR/MRS, an ATEX/IECEx approved Photohelic switch and gauge, incorporates a flame-proof aluminium enclosure that protects the device for use in hazardous areas commonly found in process or industrial applications.

The multi-purpose 3000MR/3000MRS Photohelic device, contained in the Series AT-3000MR/MRS, is designed for monitoring pressure, vacuum, and differential pressure. Solid-state switches allow for switching in high-cycle rate applications and are designed to extend the life of the sensor. These products can be installed in varying process or HVAC applications globally because of the numerous pressure ranges and units available.

Suitable for industrial applications, the Series AT-3000MR/MRS incorporates a cast aluminium enclosure with texture epoxy coating. It also features a standard windowed enclosure cover that allows users the ability to visually verify changes in the process.

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