TZ Chiller

Fourth generation of air-cooled TZ chiller hits the market

Daikin Australia has released its generation IV air cooled VFD screw TZ chiller, featuring new technology and available in three refrigerant models – including R1234ze (EWAH), R513A (EWAS) and R134a (EWAD).

The TZ Chiller is available in range of capacities, from 150kW to 1950kW, and in four efficiency tiers to accommodate different client needs and preferences.

According to Daikin, it can operate in a variety of outdoor ambient temperature conditions, from -20°C up to 55°C. It is also able to supply chilled fluid within the range from -12°C up to 30°C.

Daikin says the design offers lower operating costs and produces reduced indirect emissions. Each compressor is equipped with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) and is cooled directly by refrigerant. Daikin’s VFD has been designed to operate continuously in the most extreme conditions and offer full independence from outdoor conditions – such as temperature, humidity, altitude, and pollution. 

 The TZ Chiller includes single or dual refrigerant circuits based on the model selection. Single circuit units comprise stainless steel brazed plate evaporators, while dual circuit units constitute shell and tube evaporators. The evaporator in single-circuit units is covered with closed-cell insulation material, and an electric heater and Victaulic kit are provided as standard for water connection. The shell and tube evaporator is single-pass on both refrigerant and water sides, which Daikin says allows for pure counter-flow heat exchange, and low refrigerant pressure drops result in the unit’s outstanding efficiency. Both direct expansion evaporators are designed to minimise the refrigerant content required in the system. 

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