Fujitsu’s Australian-designed ducted controller

The anywAiR technology ducted controller from Fujitsu General Australia lets users control their ducted air conditioner via a touch pad in the home or remotely through a smartphone or tablet.

The Australian-designed smart control device is compatible with Fujitsu General’s residential and light commercial ducted systems. Available as an option when purchasing a Fujitsu General ducted air conditioning system, the anywAiR technology ducted controller provides wi-fi control via a wall-mounted touch pad and the anywAiR App, which can be downloaded via the App Store or Google Play. 

The touch pad lets users manage the air conditioner by controlling up to 10 different zones within the home. Users can do this either by selecting a designated airflow percentage or a set temperature when individual room sensors are installed.

They can also create up to 12 custom scenes to run a series of commands instantly or at a chosen time. Scenarios including going to work, coming home, entertaining or bedtime can all be programmed to control the airflow and temperature to rooms.

Multiple ducted air conditioning units can also be controlled via the centralised app. Once mounted, the touch pad can be set up with a Google Play Store account. The touch pad is the central point to operate the air conditioner and can also be used to manage a variety of Android apps such as weather, recipes, music and other home automation apps.

“The Fujitsu General anywAiR technology ducted controller provides the homeowner with a high level management system for their indoor comfort,” says Kyle Rafter, National Product Manager, Fujitsu General.

“The simplicity of the interface makes the controller very easy to use, and advanced features such as variable airflow deliver precise air conditioning from room to room.

“Fujitsu General is excited to now provide our specialist dealer network with a premium ducted controller option they can offer customers looking for the convenience of a smart touch pad and remote wi-fi control.”

The Fujitsu General anywAiR technology ducted controller comes with a five-year, parts and labour warranty. Users can access the local Fujitsu General Assist in-house customer care and technical support team for support.

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  1. Unfortunately the Fujitsu “ducted” AnywAIR product does not connect to Google assistant or Apple home automation. And cannot be controlled once you are outside your house. (It’s is different to their split system AnywAIR of the same name – and so is confusing for customers, who think they can control this system outside the home or with google/Apple automation )

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