Fusion Group acquires Smartair Diffusion

Fusion Group Holdings, owner of Fusion Modulair, has announced the successful completion of its acquisition of Sydney-based Smartair Diffusion, a leading developer and supplier of air diffusion products. The two companies, both industry veterans, say the strategic merger will unlock opportunities for growth, innovation, and enhanced market offerings.

A leading provider of climate control solutions for large-volume spaces, Fusion Modulair is a pioneer of the ductless systems approach, specialising in high energy-efficiency modular solutions. Fusion’s clients include Amazon, Bunnings, DHL, IKEA, Symbion, and Sigma Healthcare, with applications ranging from retail, wholesale and sensitive temperature-controlled storage to large sporting and public venues, Fusion says its integrated systems work intelligently together to provide adaptable, reliable and exceptionally efficient operations based on continuous metrics and data analysis.

According to Fusion, Smartair Diffusion, with its Smartemp range of products, creates innovative air diffusion solutions for a carbon neutral HVAC future, in which sustainable indoor environments achieve energy efficiency, wellness, indoor air quality and comfort.

Smartemp products can be found in projects across the globe, including the Sydney Opera House, museums the likes of the Sydney Modern and the V&A in Scotland, the Bahrain International Exhibition Centre, HQ in The Netherlands, and the BBC in Cardiff, Wales.

“The missing link in most HVAC systems is how to effectively deliver the air to the space. Efficient air delivery has always been at the core of our systems, and it’s what Smartair Diffusion excels at,” says Fusion CEO Kev Harris, M.AIRAH.

“The fusion of our system expertise, energy-efficient solutions and investment in innovation with Smartair’s advanced airflow technologies and international manufacture will leverage significant benefits for both companies, and lead to exciting new innovations for our industry,” he says.

“Fusion Modulair and Smartair Diffusion will continue to operate in their respective market segments,” Harris says. “R&D will be headed by Sean Badenhorst, M.ARIAH, who will take on the role of group CTO from the Smartair Diffusion laboratory in Sydney”.

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