Halton introduces mobile UVGI solution

Halton has designed Sentinel, a mobile Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) solution to minimise viral spread and protect personnel and guests in a broad range of indoor spaces.

According to the indoor air solutions company, the new mobile filtration unit complements and enhances the effectiveness of current mitigation practices – such as social distancing, respiratory masks, hand washing and updated sanitation practices.   With a long history as a tool for minimising viral spread, UVGI products are popularly used in the health care segment. 

“Through careful selection of UV tube glass and safety controls, the wavelength of the UV light emitted in the Halton Sentinel UVGI unit specifically targets the COVID-19 virus without producing the respiratory irritant, ozone,” says Halton.

“Air from the room is drawn into the Sentinel filtration unit for the critical exposure dose of UV to inactivate viral, bacterial, and fungal organisms and then the treated air is filtered through MERV 13 filters for return to the room.”

Sentinel is recommended for use in indoor environments without openable windows – where it can purportedly reduce the risk of airborne transmission by over four times. 

“In spaces with lower air change rates, Sentinel offers a solution to provide clean air for comfortable and safe respiration,” says Halton Group Americas President Rick Bagwell.

Applications include restaurants, healthcare waiting rooms, aged-care facilities, offices or similar environments.

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