Heatcraft launches Gas2Go cylinder management app

Heatcraft has released a new app to help customers better manage their cylinder fleets.

Gas2Go lets business owners and contractors assign and transfer cylinder holders, scan bar codes and geolocate cylinders. They can also assign locations and add activity notes against each cylinder. And fill weights can be adjusted to accurately measure refrigerant across the fleet.

The app notifies users when cylinders are due for leak testing and when they are due to be returned, reducing the risk of cylinders being invoiced as lost.

“Refrigerant and cylinder management is identified as a huge risk by our customers and the cost of mismanagement can be significant,” says Heatcraft parts and refrigerant marketing manager Brett Hedge, M.AIRAH.

“Our customers want a simple yet comprehensive way to manage their cylinder activity and highlight cylinder ownership to their technicians. We’re pleased to be able to offer them this new functionality, free of charge.

“As we progress through the early stages of the HFC refrigerant phase-down, tools that alert business owners of leak test requirements and improved tracking are imperative to ARCtick compliance and minimising environmental impact,” Hedge says.

The Gas2Go app is available for the latest versions of iOS and Android, is free to download and available to all Heatcraft customers with a smart@ccess account.

For more information or to open a smart@ccess account, contact Heatcraft on 13 23 50.

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