Hitachi introduces FrostWash Technology

In response to what it perceived as an unmet need for greater cleanliness in air conditioning systems, Hitachi has introduced “FrostWash Technology”.

“Air is always travelling across the surface of the heat exchanger,” says Hitachi. “Dust, mould and bacteria can accumulate, leading to reduced performance and perceivable odours. Keeping the heat exchanger clean is the key to better-quality air.”

According to Hitachi, FrostWash Technology addresses an issue that had long stumped the air conditioning industry: how to effectively and efficiently clean the inside of room air conditioning units.

The self-cleaning system is designed to freeze moisture on the surface of the indoor unit heat exchanger, capture and then flush away impurities that can build up over time.

“The FrostWash Technology works behind the scenes, with a suite of other innovative features to help keep the air cleaner, fresher and more comfortable all year round, while being energy-efficient,” says Hitachi.

FrostWash Technology was first introduced into the Japanese market, where it won an “Excellence Award” from the Japan Electrical Manufactures Association in 2018.

The technology has been incorporated into Hitachi’s S Series High Wall systems. The company claims that this can reduce bacteria by as much as 91 per cent and remove mould in the unit by 87 per cent. The S Series also features a Nano Titanium pre-filter as well a Nano Titanium Wasabi air purifying filter.

“Not only does the new S-Series High Wall split system come with the innovative FrostWash Technology,” says Hitachi, “it also comprises a built-in motion sensor, leave home function, weekly timer and power consumption tracking capabilities – designed for comfort and function.”

S-Series High Wall Systems are available now from all authorized Hitachi distributors and installers.

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