Hitachi Zone Controller

Hitachi has introduced Zone Controller, a proprietary solution equipped with a built-in 24V transformer to complement its ducted line-up. According to the company, the system improves user comfort and allows for greater energy savings.

Zone Controller offers control of up to eight zones individually, connection of up to five temperature sensors with sensor assignment and averaging capabilities, a weekly time clock feature encompassing individual zone scheduling, and an intelligent airflow control through automatic fan speed mode selection.

Automatic fan speed mode allows the system to determine the optimal fan speed for the number of zones and outlets in operation, taking into account the amount of cooling or heating power required to maintain comfort conditions.

The Zone Controller display features a large backlit LCD screen enabling users to view individual zone status. The menu has been designed to make zone control easy, and allows users to switch each zone on or off, or switch all zones on or off simultaneously.

Hitachi has also incorporated a power tracking feature, allowing users to monitor power usage for a day, week or year in a table or graph.

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