Holyoake and Price join forces

With effect from March 1, Price Industries will acquire an interest in Holyoake Air Management Solutions to form a new independent business, Holyoake by Price.

Holyoake Air Management Solutions says that the new company will continue to operate as an independent business.

Incorporated in 1949 by Ernest H. Price, the Price organisation started out as a sales company in Canada, distributing air distribution products. Through the decades, the company expanded its local and overseas business both as distributor and manufacturer of HVAC products.

It established plants and offices across Canada and a London office in the 1960s; manufacturing plants in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur in the 1980s; followed by two US-based plants in Georgia and one in Phoenix Arizona. The Winnipeg plant the company built in 1961 is still in operation following 20 expansions.

Founded in 1953 by Noel Holyoake, Holyoake Air Management Solutions is a manufacturer of commercial HVAC products for the Australasian market. Just like Price, Holyoake held a manufacturing and sales license for a different manufacturer’s product line. When that relationship ended, the company focused their engineering and innovation capabilities to develop their own line of products.

“I have always promoted the idea in our business that whatever we are doing today, we have to do better tomorrow, says Founder Holyoake Air Management Solutions, Noel Holyoake.

“I see the partnership with Price as being a giant leap for tomorrow and many tomorrows to follow.”

For more than 70 years, Price has remained a privately held business with corporate headquarters.

“Our job, as partners with Holyoake, is to enable Holyoake’s success. We trust the leaders there like we trust our own leaders,” says Price Industries Chairman and CEO, Gerry Price.

“Our goal is to be a forever company and the only way to be a forever company, is to grow.”

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