Introducing the AP BIO air purifier

The new air purifier AP BIO comes from FLÄKTGROUP, an European supplier of energy efficient indoor air technology solutions.

The air purifier is available in three sizes (500, 1000 and 2400m³/h), all featuring the AirFend technology that filters and eliminates bacteria and viruses.

AP BIO is a 3-stage filtration air purifier that purportedly delivers BIOCELL deactivation of bacteria and viruses in a short time period.

Tested according to the EN14476 + A2-07-2019, the unit is said to hold back 99.995 per cent of all pollutants and a safe solution against Covid-19 with its HEPA14 filter.

The company says that the biologic AirFend technology can minimise the risk of transmission by deactivating virus-contaminated aerosols, the main carriers for coronaviruses.

The mobile unit can be set up without any complex installations and is powered by a 230~V/50Hz plug. Users can adjust the amount of air volume with a small controller that also monitors the function.

The Down-to-Floor (D2F) air direction ensures aerosol absorption where it arises and supplies the occupants with purified air as a growing stratification layer creating an air circulation of purified air with less turbulence. The AP BIO is distributed in Australia by Vekavent.

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