Johnson Controls introduces air purification system

Johnson Controls is introducing the AtmosAir solution to the Australian market in response to COVID-19. Johnson Controls says the air purifying system can actively and continuously disinfect and decontaminate indoor air in buildings and facilities.

According to the company, the partnered Johnson Controls AtmosAir solution works by producing bipolar ions that attach themselves to airborne viruses, odours and pollutants, rendering them inactive.

“As this virus has spread, Johnson Controls has committed to Australia and the rest of the globe to support critical infrastructure such as hospitals and temporary medical facilities, and its brave medical personnel battling this pandemic,” says President, APAC, Johnson Controls Visal Leng.

Johnson Controls says the bipolar ions intercept infected particles, causing them to agglomerate and fall out of the air, actively reducing microorganisms that collect on surfaces (a common source of infection) including bacteria, fungi, mould, spores and airborne viruses such as coronavirus. This restores oxygen ion levels and treats germs before they infect people by continuously disinfecting the air. 

The company says the AtmosAir innovation has been tested extensively by specialists in virology, microbiology and pathology.

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