Kirby introduces new chillers

Kirby has introduced the new Gree D-Series and Lennox eComfort chillers to its portfolio.

The Gree D-Series chillers are suitable for new builds or retrofits to existing buildings. The models range from between 65kW and 249kW. The Gree D-Series Chillers are also reverse cycle.

The modular design allows groupings of different units. Up to 16 of the 65kW and 80kW models, or eight of the 130kW, 160kW and 249kW models can be combined to achieve 1,990kW of cooling capacity.

The new Lennox eComfort chillers feature a compact, low profile and good architectural integration. Kirby says they deliver some of the lowest sound levels on the market due to A3S Active Acoustic Attenuation. 

The chillers come equipped with Lennox Aqualean water source packaged units; Kirby glycol evaporators; refrigerant; as well as OEM and replacement coil products. A team of dedicated field engineers will also be available to assist with any selection enquiries. 

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