Masterflow acquires Klima Australia

Masterflow Solutions has announced the acquisition of Klima Australia, a leading HVAC supply company and Australian distributor of Clivet Spa from Italy, Midea CAC and Boreas.

Klima Australia has been expanding its presence in the Australian HVAC market with a focus primarily on high-quality, energy-efficient chillers and package units offered with HFO and magnetic bearing technologies across the commercial HVAC sector. According to Masterflow, Klima Australia also has a unique position in the multi-function four-pipe chiller market and the heat pump hot water sector.

“Through this acquisition, Masterflow will combine the Klima offering into its already successful range of pumps, tanks and valve systems throughout its existing sales network across Australia,” says the company.

“The support agreements in place will also continue.”

The existing management of Klima Australia will continue to support Masterflow Solutions with the integration of the company and will support the products and the market opportunities into the future.

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