Seeley’s new Wizard model

Seeley International has unveiled the Climate Wizard CW-6S, a new model in its series of indirect evaporative air conditioning products for commercial and industrial use.

Using the company’s latest micro-core design, Seeley says the CW-6S offers better energy efficiency with a more compact footprint. The smaller build and design makes it an alternative for buildings where reverse cycle is the only option, and where roof space is restricted.

The CW-6S offers up to 80 per cent lower energy costs when compared to equivalent reverse-cycle systems, Seeley says. This is attributed to its indirect evaporative counter-flow heat exchange core, which provides hyper-efficient cooling of outside air. The company says the airflow system has the added benefit of supplying 100 per cent fresh, cool air into a building, increasing indoor air quality.

The CW-6S delivers 12kW stand-alone cooling, with only 1.6kW of input power requirement. The company says this translates to an impressive cooling performance-to-cost ratio when examining the kiloWatt cooling output against capital and running costs.

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