Mitsubishi Electric releases new split for open-plan spaces

Mitsubishi Electric Australia has introduced a new 9kW wall-mounted split system suited to large open-plan spaces that can often be hard to temperature control from a single unit.

The MSZ-AS90VGD-A1 is designed for year-round service in large open-plan living areas thanks to its relatively large capacity. It also includes features such as advanced air filtration, dual barrier coating, and long airflow operation.

The dual barrier coating on the unit’s heat exchanger and facial surfaces is designed to prevent dust and greasy dirt from adhering to it. Mitsubishi Electric says this not only helps the unit stay cleaner for longer, but also makes cleaning the unit easier.

According to Atesh Mani, National Product Manager at Mitsubishi Electric Australia, Australians are now seeking air conditioners that do more than cooling and heating – they want appliances that also focus on health and wellness.

“Delivering clean, fresh and healthy air is a priority for us,” says Mani. “The AS90 uses a built-in anti-allergy enzyme filter which works to trap allergens such as mould and bacteria by using enzymes to decompose them.

“This is the largest capacity model in our domestic range, making it ideal for families who are spending more time indoors, whether that be for study, working from home, or keeping warm during the cooler months. This unit provides ultimate comfort with operation modes such as long and wide airflow, helping to provide a more even air-conditioned experience.”

The MSZ-AS90VGD-A1 offers optional Wi-Fi Control, connecting the unit to a user’s smartphone, tablet or online account, and allowing them to control the unit via internet. This can be used to heat or cool a room before the user arrives home.

Night mode is designed to increase comfort at night by reducing the LED brightness on the indoor unit, disabling the alert beeps and reducing the outdoor unit’s operational noise levels by up to 3dB.

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