Mobile air filtration solution

The CAFNO portable active air filtration unit, RAF2020, is a mobile solution for treating small to large rooms.

The US-developed product has been designed to help reduce aerosol transmission of airborne viruses along with particle, odour and VOC reduction. According to local distributor FridgeWize Australia, the combination of a variable speed motor along with GPS needlepoint bi-polar ionization technology has proven to be 99.4 per cent effective against SARS-CoV-2 and other airborne pathogens.

The variable speed motor allows airflow to be dialled to the needs of different areas, small and large. The company says this can help avoid costly repairs to large HVAC units when the current ventilation needs do not meet code or needs for a given facility.

“Utilising the needlepoint bi-polar ionisation technology to actively treat the air in the occupied space, the RAF2020 helps with the pathogen mitigation that is so important to the health of the building’s workers and visitors,” says Fridgewize.

“In addition to the pathogen mitigation, there are numerous benefits to utilising the ionisation technology. The ions help reduce the number of small particles that circulate in the air as it conglomerates these smaller particles into larger particles that can be easier to be captured by the air filters.

“The ions have also been proven to reduce or eliminate various odours – pet, diesel fumes, smoke, cooking exhaust, mould or mildew, VOCs – to help improve the indoor air quality. The ions have also proven to reduce the outdoor air intake to help reduce energy consumption when utilised in existing HVAC units. With the portable unit, this allows for ‘fresh’ air to be delivered to areas where it can be difficult to open a window.”

The company is currently taking orders for the RAF2020.

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