More sensors in one with Senva AQ2 series

AB Controls, an Australian electronic sensors, control system design and building automation specialist, is offering the Senva AQ2 Series solution.

The company says it is committed to bringing high-quality sensors and controllers to the building industry to make the jobs of HVAC professionals easier. This includes sourcing sensors that have been designed to do the job with the minimum installation time.

“When it comes to indoor air quality information, HVAC professionals can be faced with a multitude of wall- or duct-mounted sensors, more wiring and more inputs to your control system,” says AB Controls.

“But now, USA-based company Senva has come up with a streamlined solution with its AQ2 series.

“Senva’s latest innovative sensor, the AQ2, includes up to nine sensors with three display options in one analogue or BACnet interface wall-mount or duct-mount unit. Programming set-points has also been made easier with the Senva app and NFT.”

According to AB Controls, it proudly sells Senva products for its Australian market because it finds them to be a high-quality, reliable range.

“By using Senva sensors you will slash installation time and improve system reliability,” the company says. “Thoughtful installation touches like digitally matched replaceable elements keep systems up and running with ease.”

Read the company profile of AB Controls at HVAC&R Search.

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