Multi V Water 5 for compact heating and cooling

LG Electronics Australia (LG) has announced the availability of its Multi V Water 5 air solution, which the company says delivers convenience and flexibility for a variety of Australian businesses.

The Multi V Water 5 is intended for commercial spaces and is designed to offer efficient operation and convenient installation, as well as powerful cooling and heating within a compact design. Various configurations are available to suit a range of commercial buildings.

According to LG, the key heating and cooling features include geothermal applications, which use underground heat sources such as soil, ground water, lakes, and rivers to produce renewable energy for its cooling and heating systems. This results in delivering enhanced temperature control that is less affected by external conditions.

“Our new Multi V Water 5 is a reliable commercial air solution for a variety of buildings and spaces, providing businesses with optimal comfort for all work environments,” says Andrew Barron, Sales Director, Air Solution at LG.

“Built with durable, underground high density poly-ethylene (HDPE) piping and the next generation of LG compressor, the Multi V Water 5 reduces costs associated with unnecessary repairs and improves energy efficiency, while LG Dual Sensing technology delivers innovative temperature control to create a consistently comfortable environment in shared commercial spaces.”

According to the company, the Multi V Water 5 gives businesses the flexibility to select an arrangement that suits the needs of the building space thanks to its large capacity and piping length, offering 22.4–56kW in a single unit. It can scale to 168kW with three units to suit a range of environments from small office spaces to large halls.

“The system also offers a compact, lightweight design to conveniently blend seamlessly into any building, while providing users the option to double stack the units to free up 50 per cent of floor space. It ensures that water pipes are not connected to indoor units, while a total piping length of up to 300m (500m) provides flexible design and installation.”

The system includes innovative LG Dual Sensing Control technology, which LG says measures not only temperature but also humidity levels for outdoor and indoor environments, which helps achieve optimal energy efficiency.

According to LG, the Multi V Water 5’s fifth-generation inverter compressor also improves energy efficiency by providing more efficient and accurate motor speed control. It can remove heat from inverter PCB through its refrigerant-cooling heat sink, be equipped with LG applied water flow control to optimise water flow by up to 71 per cent in comparison to conventional models with constant water flow.

“Circulating water and antifreeze solutions with temperatures ranging between -5°C to 45°C, the Multi V Water 5 uses closed loop pipes buried beneath the earth’s surface, forming a sealed, underground loop to constantly recirculate fluid to reduce water waste,” says the company.

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