New approvals for BOSS Fire Transit Box

BOSS Fire has released all-new approvals for its BOSS Fire Transit Box in walls, floors and ceiling/floor systems.

“The innovative multi-service pipe and cable transit is revolutionising the passive firestopping methods used for multi-service penetrations in apartments, hotels, aged care and other commercial and industrial buildings,” says the company.

“The game-changer, as it’s been dubbed by many builders and contractors due to the extensive labour savings, program and compliance benefits, has an extensive range of fire tests and approvals available.”

According to the company, the BOSS Fire Transit Box can save up to 90 per cent of installation labour.

Banks of A/C paircoil, lagged/unlagged copper pipes, and various cable bundles can be passed through a single transit box offering a two-hour fire rating (FRL -/120/120). Ratings of one hour and 90 minutes are also available without thermal wraps.

The “pass through” methodology enabled by the FR BrushSeal removes the need to core individual penetrations for each service, or cut foam inserts. Services do not need to be sealed and treated individually after the box is installed, either.

“Risk is heavily reduced from compliance-related issues with the BOSS Fire Transit Box, as it avoids the common firestopping issues associated with incorrect product use or from incorrect installation procedures,” says the company.

“The future-proofing design enables services to be run at later stages and passive fire registers and AS 1851 maintenance inspections are simplified by having a single firestopping method for multiple services.”

The product has won the 2017 FPAA Project of the Year Award Under 1 Million, the 2018 Australian Construction Awards – Product Innovation of the Year, and two 2021 Good Design Australia Awards for product design and engineering design.

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